Are you running out of liveable space in your home, but don’t wish to move to a new and larger property? Do you lack the outside space in which to extend your current property? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Firtree Building Services have the perfect solution for you with our loft extensions, Enfield clients.

We have many years of experience in carrying out professional loft extensions in Enfield, and we have built up a wealth of experience in this time. As such, we will be able to extend your loft without issue, providing you with much needed extra living space.

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Many homeowners find themselves in a situation where they are running out of liveable space in their home. Whether this is due to a growing family or simply owning too many possessions, you might think the only solution is moving to a larger property. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as there is a more cost-efficient solution that lets you invest in your current home. This solution is loft extensions, Enfield clients, and we can help you with this at Firtree Building Services.

We are a building company with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, so we can provide you with premium loft extension services. Whatever your requirements may be for the new space, we can assist in making them a reality. Simply read on to find out more about our Enfield loft extensions service.

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While you have chosen to invest in a loft conversion, you may not be aware that there are many types of Enfield loft extensions available to choose from. The various types of extension depend on the type of loft you have, and which would best suit the space available, but we are happy to discuss the options in detail with you.

There are three types of loft extensions in Enfield that we can provide, including:

  • Internal Loft Conversions
  • Dormer Loft Conversions
  • Roof Off Loft Conversions

Internal loft conversion are the simplest and cheapest option available, as they require very little work to be carried out. Your existing loft space will require minimal alterations, with some small additions such as roof windows, insulation, and stronger flooring.

Dormer loft conversions involve a little more work being carried out as it involves adding dormer windows to your loft space. These increase the height of the room and are usually added to the back of a property, though they can be added to the front or side if you have the required planning permission. There are a variety of dormer conversions, including:

  • Single Dormer
  • Full Width Dormer
  • Side Dormer
  • L-Shape Dormer
  • Hip to Gable

Finally, we have the roof off loft conversion, which is exactly what you would expect from the name. This conversion involves removing the current roof and replacing it with a brand new structure. This method is required if your loft space lacks any headroom. By adding this new roofing structure, your loft will benefit from increased headroom, creating a great living space.

As we mentioned above, the type of Enfield loft extensions we carry out will depend on your loft space and available budget. However, we are happy to discuss the options and advise you as to which method would best work on your property.


Here at Firtree Building Services, we believe in providing a bespoke service for all of our clients. As such, you can expect your loft extensions in Enfield to be designed to your requirements and property. Every detail will be as you wish and meet all of your expectations.


There are many benefits to having loft extensions carried out, especially by a team as experienced as ours. One such benefit is that this is a cost-effective way to gain extra living space; if you moved to a larger property, you would be shelling out for moving fees, estate agent fees, and stamp duty, which can soon add up.

However, by investing in loft extensions, Enfield clients, you will have a one-off payment of around £30,000 to £40,000, with the extension increasing the value of your property. Therefore, you are essentially investing in your property, with the extension paying for itself should you ever choose to sell.

Additionally, loft conversion are a great way to add extra space to your home as they are generally never used. Most homeowners neglect their loft space, simply using it for storage of unwanted items, but it is a wealth of potential. Converting the loft space can provide many additional rooms, from bedrooms and bathrooms to playrooms and home offices.


Here at Firtree Building Services, we can provide more than just loft extensions in Enfield. We are professional and experienced builders and, as such, we can provide other services for our clients too, including home extensions.

Loft Conversion Enfield


House Extensions Enfield
If you need extra living space in your property and you have the outside space available, we can carry out a home extension for you. Our home extensions can be single or double-storey depending on your requirements, providing you with much-needed living space. With one of our extensions to your home, you can benefit from a larger kitchen and family dining area, extra bedrooms, and more.

Accessing Your Loft Extension

Many properties have a loft hatch to access the loft space, which is fine when you hardly use your loft. However, when you invest in loft extensions, Enfield clients, you will need an easier way to access your loft space. This is why we always build a simple and easy access point for your loft extension by adding stairs from the floor below.


Here at Firtree Building Services, we are a professional building company. We have many years of experience in the building industry, and, in this time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge. This experience and knowledge have led to us becoming the go-to team for any building requirements in Enfield, loft extensions included. Our team of experts are certified and have acquired their accreditation from Which? Trusted Trader.

We understand that investing in loft extensions, Enfield clients, can be daunting, and you may think it is beyond your budget. However, we are here to tell you that our building services are affordable and competitively priced. Plus, we also offer free, no-obligation quotes for our clients too. This means that you will receive a free quote that lists all costs upfront, and there is no obligation to commit at this early stage either. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose by simply reaching out to us.


We understand that many clients will wish to see some of our previous work before reaching out regarding their Enfield loft extensions. This is why we have a dedicated online gallery page, where you will see many images showcasing our workmanship and quality results. We are confident that seeing these images will convince you that we are the leading building team for you.


So, if you believe that we at Firtree Building Services are the premier team to carry out your loft extensions, Enfield clients, you need only reach out to us today. You can give us a call today on 0800 270 7764 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail, answer any questions you may have, and offer helpful advice.

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