Are you looking to make sweeping improvements to your home? Maybe you’re considering a loft conversion or looking to extend your property. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to hire the best builders in Hackney, and that’s Firtree Building Services. 

Firtree Building Services are the number one building company here in Hackney. We’re a team of builders that have amassed a stellar reputation for providing quality, affordable building services tailored to our customers’ requirements. We strive to provide a flexible service, placing you in full control, so you, informed by our advice and suggestions, choose the improvements you want. 

Thanks to our exceptional team of highly skilled builders, we’re able to build any home improvement while adhering to the highest industry standards. Whether you’re looking to give your property a makeover or extend your available space, we’ve got you covered. To get started, call our Hackney team today on 0800 270 7764. 

The Best Building Company Hackney

If you’re searching for the best building company and the finest team of builders in Hackney, then look no further than Firtree Building Services. We’re a company backed by years of experience and a stellar reputation for the work carried out by our builders in Hackney and beyond. 

Whether you’re looking to unlock more space or reimagine your home the way you’ve always envisioned it, we can help. 

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Building Company Services Available in Hackney  

Our builders are ready and able to assist with a range of capabilities to ensure that our Hackney customers get exactly what they want. We provide two core services: 

And our Hackney builders can carry out a bevvy of duties to help bring any home extension or loft conversion to fruition. We boast a range of trades and specialisations under one roof. Plus, we’re happy to work alongside other professionals to provide our customers with a truly comprehensive service. 

Home Extensions  

If you find yourself with less and less space to live in, you might be facing the dreaded reality of moving to somewhere larger. But if you love where you’re currently living, this can be a heart-wrenching decision and a costly one too. Before you make a decision, consider a home extension. Home extensions are a cost-effective alternative to unlocking more space without moving property. 

With a home extension, you can extend just the lower floor or both floors to fully maximise the available space. While a home extension is hardly cheap, it saves you the time and money moving property and lets you stay on in the place you’ve come to call home. And what’s more is that extra square footage will add thousands, possibly tens of thousands, to the value of your property. 

So, if you ever choose to sell in the future, your home will be worth a lot more than it was pre-extension. Home extensions are a great investment, especially if your property lacks a loft space or if the loft has been converted already. And that’s where our home extension service comes in. 

Our House Extension Service 

It can happen eventually; you move into a property, and as the years go by, what was once spacious becomes less so. This can be because you’ve acquired more furniture and possessions. Or it could be because your family has grown. If you’re set on staying where you are but need more space, contact Firtree Building Services, and speak with our Hackney builders. 

Our Hackney builders have many years of experience and can build any home improvement, so we’re the best team to call for a quality home extension. We’ll speak with you over the phone then arrange a convenient date and time to visit your home. Our Hackney builders will discuss your requirements in detail, offer honest advice and suggestions, and inform you of the options available. 

There are two common types of home extensions available: single and double-storey extensions. Single-storey extensions extend only the ground floor, while double-storey extensions extend both levels of the property. With a single-storey extension, you can have a larger kitchen or lounge, while a double-storey extension also unlocks space for additional bedrooms. 

There are many ways to utilise this extra space, with ideas that include: 

  • Bedrooms 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Playroom 
  • Home Office 
  • Home Gym 
  • And More! 

By extending your home, you can turn a 2-3-bed property into a 4-5-bed property complete with a larger kitchen, lounge, or other additional living space. Once we’ve ascertained your requirements, we’ll approach the local authorities on your behalf to obtain planning permission. Once granted, we’ll set a date to begin the work. 

We’ll assemble the team, pull together the necessary materials and resources, and get everything ready to begin constructing your new home extension.  

The Firtree Building Services team will handle every last detail, Hackney customers. Our builders will take care of architectural planning, structural calculations, the build phase, health and safety checks, site inspections, etc. Once the work is completed, we’ll sign off the project and supply you with the relevant building certificates. All you have to do is sit back and relax. 

Other Types of Home Extension 

Besides the traditional options, Hackney property owners can also choose from other types of home extension, all of which can be built by Firtree Building Services. These other types include: 

  • Garage Conversions or Extensions 
  • Basement Conversion 
  • Outbuildings 
  • Orangeries 

Loft Conversions  

If you’ve already had a home extension built or don’t have the space for one, there is another option available to you – loft conversions. Most properties have an attic space that runs the entire length and width of the property. That’s a lot of untapped space sitting right above your head. By converting your loft, you can create usable space. 

And when combined with a home extension, you can greatly increase the liveable space that’s available to you. 

Lofts are often relegated to the storage of old boxes, technology, clothes, etc. That’s a lot of space to waste, and when you consider what a loft conversion can become, it’s frustrating to see so many loft spaces go unutilised. You could construct a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom or a home study, a playroom for the kids, an entertainment room, a home gymnasium, etc. 

You could even create a room for the purposes of letting, providing you with an additional source of revenue. In short, you can make a loft conversion work for you if you so desire. But before you make plans, the loft must first be converted, and that’s where our Hackney builders come in. 

Our Loft Conversion Service 

At Firtree Building Services, we provide a full loft conversion service and have years of experience transforming lofts of all shapes and sizes. While an average loft conversion can cost anywhere from £30,000 to £40,000, consider what this investment can mean for you. As with a house extension, you can greatly increase your living space, potentially unlock an additional source of revenue, and drastically boost your property’s value. 

Plus, you save yourself the time and money of moving to a new property and get to stay in the home you love. In short, a loft conversion pays for itself, Hackney customers. 

As with a house extension, our Hackney builders will meet with you to discuss your requirements and design your dream conversion. Unlike house extensions, loft conversions don’t require planning permission, so the turnaround is usually a bit quicker. 

Types of Loft Conversion Available 

There are three types of loft conversion available to you, and the type that’s most suitable will ultimately depend on the design of your attic and roof. Some conversions will work better while others will require additional work, though they do afford you additional benefits, such as increased head height along the edges of the room. 

The three types of loft conversions are as follows: 

  • Internal Loft Conversions 
  • Dormer Loft Conversions 
  • Roof Off Loft Conversions 

We’ll happily explain the three types to you and suggest the one that’s best suited to your requirements and budget. We’ll carry out a survey of your loft space, and, following our discussion, we will provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quotation. 

As with a house extension, we will handle all the logistics, including the architectural planning, structural calculations, and the build phase. Once the work has been completed and all parties are entirely satisfied, we’ll sign off the job and supply you with the necessary certificates. 

From the moment you enlist our Hackney building services, our builders will endeavour to have your loft conversion finished within 6-7 weeks. We’ll keep you apprised of our progress throughout and inform you straight away if we encounter any problems. 

Why Choose Our Hackney Building Company? 

Firtree Building Services is an established company, Hackney customers, that’s backed by a team of highly-skilled, friendly, and professional builders. Our Hackney builders provide a flexible, affordable service. We can take charge of any project or work alongside other professionals to get the job done. 

We offer a level of finish that’s unparalleled in the industry at a price point that’s hard to beat. Our Hackney builders are accredited by the likes of Which? Trusted Trader, plus, our company are proud members of the FMB. 

And when you enlist our Hackney builders, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that all our work is covered by a 10-year guarantee. 


If you’d like to see what our team of builders in Hackney can do for your property, we recommend clicking on our gallery. Here, you’ll see many high-definition images of the sort of home improvements that we’re able to build. 

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So, if you’ve been looking out for the best builders in Hackney, look no further than Firtree Building Services. We’re a building contractor with an exceptional reputation for delivering top-quality services carried out by highly trained builders. Our builders are the best around and capable of handling jobs of any size, regardless of complexity. 

Make the most informed decisions when it comes to your property with the help of our team of Hackney building experts here at Firtree Building Services. Take your Hackney property to the next level by working with the most professional building experts in their field. We’ll provide you with an affordably priced and highly informative service to help you tap into your property’s full potential. 

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